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Dear participants

Thank you for your interest and your efforts in the course. As of Monday 26th August 12:00 midnight the mooc closes down for any of you who have not managed to reach the final step and submit lesson plans for peer evaluation. Further access to videotaped material will be denied, as well as the opportunity to participate in the reflection questions. All of you will have access to results of what you have so far accomplished but certificates of completion will be available only to those who have submitted their lesson plan and have been sent lessons of peers to evaluate, once they submit them.
All material in the form of ppts and tests will still be available to anyone who is interested, without, however, the ability to receive either a badge or a certificate.
The MOOC course will be available to those who wish to complete it and any new colleagues who are interested in participating on Monday 4th November after we have made any changes suggested by those who have completed it and filled out our questionnaire.
Thank you once again for your participation.
The MOOC pedagogic team

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