Aristotle University

The Aristotle University


The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki was founded in 1925 and is the largest University in Greece. It includes 11 faculties, 36 Schools as well as a wide array of academic units that support and enhance its educational, social and research role.

The School of English belongs to the Faculty of Philosophy, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and consists of  four departments: (a) the department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, (b) the department of English Literature, (c) the department of American Literature, and (d) the department of Translation and Intercultural Studies. The School of English offers a BA Honours degree in English Language and Literature after the completion of 8 academic semesters of study as well as an MA and a PhD degree as part of its Graduate Studies Programme. The School of English offers a wide array of courses, compulsory as well as optional in various fields (Linguistics, Literature, Translation, etc.) and thus provides students with a rich interdisciplinary variety of choices during their studies.

The career options for the School’s graduates are various: teaching English in primary and secondary education, the private sector (schools, language learning institutes), translation agencies, publishing houses, banks, translation departments, interpretation etc. Since one of the graduate career options is teaching English, fourth-year students are required to attend a compulsory course on Teaching Practice. This allows them to gain hands-on experience by observing primary and secondary school classroom teaching and by gaining some experience in English language and CLIL teaching.